NYPD has added 14 drones to its collection

Advocacy groups are not impressed. The New York Police Department revealed today that it has gotten 14 drones and plans to utilize them in policing efforts throughout New York City, in a move that has garnered a reaction from civil advocacy groups that are concerned about the department’s intentions. In the announcement, the NYPD stated […]

The Next DJi in 5 days

DJI AdventureUnfolds: New Item Introduce Coming January 23rd

A New Drone From DJI: Item Introduce Coming January 23rd DJI has released a trailer for an item launch later this month, due to be hung on January 23rd in New York. Plenty of individuals anticipated a drone statement to be made at CES 2018. Now it appears like the Chinese producer held off and […]

Miniature Drone Photo

Minimizing the Brain of a Drone

Mini brain of a drone Method for developing efficient computer chips might get mini wise drones off the ground. Press Inquiries In recent years, engineers have strived to shrink drone technology, developing flying models packed with even tinier sensing units and cams. At the moment, they have handled to miniaturize nearly every part of a […]

quadcopters in orange

The “Untouchable Drones” is on the way

UNBREAKABLE DRONES are coming our way soon.  Like every other creation, Drone isn’t unsusceptible to hardware failures or software problems. But instead of developing more powerful drones, or wrapping them in awkward safety cages, Swiss scientists have designed a versatile quadcopter that squishes when it crashes, reducing the damage it takes. It’s another design/innovation that […]

Intel produced 300 drones to the Super Bowl

Intel wowed the people around the World especially the 51st Superbowl Crowd in Texas, the USA when they lit the sky up using 300 Quadcopter Drones. Intel revealed off what its Shooting Star quadcopters can do when they played the function of backup dancers as part of the show to Lady Gaga on Super Bowl […]

Facebook to use Drones in the next Decade

Facebook prepares to introduce its internet-beaming drones within the next decade. The visionary Zuckerberg wants to use Drones to bring the Internet to Africa and other third world countries. By all the Aviation rules they started working together. We have seen some of its Test Flights earlier this year. But with all due respect, is […]

Are Drones on the Way to Mainstream Film Industry?

From the beginning, cinematography and videography have emerged as the center of drone use within the marketing arena. Online marketers soon understood that drones are not just a thing for a game, but rather as a powerful tool. Changing the way of a conventional aerial filming, and develop amazing videos. The founder of DronesX founder […]

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Drones

After FAA released its drone registration website, a massive 45,000 individuals have registered their aircraft. After Christmas Day, we will be seeing the result after the long holiday next year. Around 400,000 drones are expected to be bought this holiday, according to the Consumer Technology Association. At some point in between tearing open the wrapping […]

How Drones are Changing the Advertising Industry

Online marketers have had the ability to find out different methods to use drones in their marketing strategies. Some of these methods, while still in their infancy, reveal a substantial capacity for the future of marketing. Huge Potential? Let us find out! Drones As A Service Delivery Brand names– and even little local businesses– are […]

The Future of Drone Market in 2017

New Year is coming soon, and it has been a good droning year for all the enthusiasts and the drone industry. Insights have released a fascinating wrap-up of partnerships, financial investments, and acquisitions of 3 dominant players in the market (DJI, Intel, and Parrot) up to 2016. The Skylogic Research study shares a few of […]