Are Drones on the Way to Mainstream Film Industry?

From the beginning, cinematography and videography have emerged as the center of drone use within the marketing arena. Online marketers soon understood that drones are not just a thing for a game, but rather as a powerful tool. Changing the way of a conventional aerial filming, and develop amazing videos.

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The founder of DronesX founder John Tidwell said in an interview with CMO on the evolution of drones in marketing: when used for movie or video “drones provide a diverse perspective that captures people’s attention. They permit online marketers to be more creative and ingenious by utilizing angles and shots that weren’t previously practical– frequently at a much lower expense.”

The possibility to get affordable, original content has been an essential factor driving online marketer’s adoption of drones in the video marketing area. In the current environment, video usage is growing, and videos are reliable in engaging with the audience which resulted for marketers to make more commercials. But the more commercials they produce, the harder it is for a video to stand apart.

Marketers need ideas and new perspectives in filming ads. This is what exactly drones can give at an extremely workable expense. A primary reason why ad executives are increasingly using drones to make commercials.

Why the Sudden Boom? Another factor which added to the growth of the market for the drone in advertisement and film was the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s modification of policy in 2014 permitting industrial drone applications in the United States. With 333 exemptions, using drones for movie and television production and business production and this has seen the video advertising industry blow up in the U.S., among the most significant world markets for commercials.

The first MAJOR DRONE ADVERTISING AGENCY – Aerial MOB, a San Diego Aerial cinematography business, specializes in a Aerial aim for TV and cinema productions, and in drone-created marketing videos. They were the very first FAA Authorized Operator in the U.S. A year after they got the FAA approval (which took place in Sept 2014), their company exceeded $1.2 million, with 60% of the income coming from the ad agency, as reported by Aerial MOB’s CMO Tony Carmean.
Among Aerial MOB’s clients are a few of the biggest entertainment and media business worldwide like Warner Brothers, HBO, BBC, and MTV automobile business Peugeot, KIA, Hyundai, Infiniti and BMW and consumer brands like NIKE and Reverse.

BMW 6 Series Astronaut (Commercial)– YouTube from Aerial MOB on Vimeo.

Lots of other aerial recording companies, both in the United States and in other nations, are benefiting from this trend, utilizing drones to produce commercials for top brands with a more engaging and appealing message.

The London-based Surface 2 Air Media has dealt with Puma, Canon, Google, Trek, Aston Martin and FootLocker too.


Sergio Agüero– Drone from Surface area 2 Air Media on Vimeo.
Another fantastic example is the Frankfurt-based Skynamic, quite active on the German market and abroad:

Leading brands are now beginning to integrate drones and aerial content into their multi-platform campaigns.
The marketing firm The Barbarian GroupIn made a marketing campaign in July 2015 for GE (General Electric) #DroneWeek using the different social media tool like Twitter and Periscope. During those 5 days, the drone stream the video in real-time in five GE facilities.

Drones are on their way to being a mainstream tool for videographers and marketers producing video material. Technical enhancements and increased understanding of the prospective used by drones will add to more increase this market.

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    I would love to try to use drone in my campaigns… I really think it is a brilliant idea. recommended!!!

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    I love Quadcopter! and the things it can do are beyond measures.. only if we are creative and trusting enough with the latest tech

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