Facebook to use Drones in the next Decade

Facebook prepares to introduce its internet-beaming drones within the next decade. The visionary Zuckerberg wants to use Drones to bring the Internet to Africa and other third world countries. By all the Aviation rules they started working together. We have seen some of its Test Flights earlier this year. But with all due respect, is it really a genuine CAMPAIGN or another Profitable action for Facebook? We can assure the big companies that we are tired of the Hypocrisy of it all.

Is it going to be free for all or is it chargeable per hour? Sounds naive, but these are the questions we are ought to be asking them.

The chief engineer, Andrew Cox is working on Facebook’s solar-powered Aquila drone, revealed the scale of the social network’s drone aspirations at the Commercial UAV Program.

“In regards to constellations of the airplane, today we’re predicting that in ten to 15 years we’ll have a countless airplane,” Cox stated. “We have a systems architecture team that’s establishing this, and we have 35 to 40 countries we’re looking at right now.”

Cox chose not to state which nations will be the very first to take advantage of the innovation but said one of the greatest barriers is policy.

“Regulation sensible, there are no rules for aircraft of this type today,” Cox said. “There is a consortium of many large enterprises, consisting of Airplane, and what they’re doing is interacting to speak to the regulators to try and help establish the rules.

It’s not a done deal, it’s not an offer, there’s going to be quite lots of effort to do this, and it’s taking some time, but it will happen. Well, we are going to wait and see about that, are we?
Aquila's First Flight

Aquila finished its very first test flight previously this year and the ultimate objective is for constellations to fly for approximately three months at a time at an altitude of between 60,000 feet and 90,000 feet. The self-governing plane is one of some initiatives that the social media is working on through its Internet.org structure, along with low-Earth orbit satellites and giant internet towers.

Facebook is not the only major tech company dealing with techniques to connect the approximately 4 billion individuals who do not have internet gain access to.

Earlier this year, Google checked its solar-powered drone as part of Task Skybender in New Mexico.

The push by significant tech business to deliver universal web access has been applauded for its prospective to link the two-thirds of the planet without access to broadband. However, critics have suggested that private gains mostly inspire it.

We shouldn’t commemorate Facebook’s efforts to bring the internet to all because that is not exactly what they’re doing, openness supporter David Sasaki said in a blogpost published soon after the unveiling of the Internet.org Foundation.

“When Zuckerberg says that access to the web is a human right, what he indicates is that access to Facebook ought to be a human right.” Do we agree to disagree? Leave your comments below

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  • David Bautista

    well i can only agree that Wifi must be for all the people around the World.

    • Jason Harris

      Do we really need wifi or its just another way to popularized Facebooking. The population is starving in the countries they wanted to give wifi for. I dont understand why WIFI is more important than food

  • David Bautista

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