How Drones are Changing the Advertising Industry

Online marketers have had the ability to find out different methods to use drones in their marketing strategies. Some of these methods, while still in their infancy, reveal a substantial capacity for the future of marketing.
Huge Potential? Let us find out!

Drones As A Service Delivery
Brand names– and even little local businesses– are using drones to reach and WOW their customers. The brand-new physical medium to market a product or a brand name to the public.

Drone Advertising Campaign






In 2013, a few restaurants establishments, such as the London-based Yo-Sushi, with its flying tray, explore drones to serve food to their clients.

The marketing company Hungry Boys launched a drone-advertising project for the noodle shop chain Worker. They utilized drones to carry small flies past the windows of Moscow office complex, promoting the store’s lunch specials just before lunch-time. The agency reported a boost of 40% in the orders at Worker dining establishments in the location.

Publicis Salles Chemistri, the ad agency behind this event, used the “drone quins” to inform the workplace employees and passers-by of special deals available on Black Friday at the shop.

In November 2014, TGI Fridays released the #Togethermas Mistletoe campaign. Drones were utilized at some places belonging to the chain to fly to tables where couples were consuming, welcoming them to kiss under the mistletoe.

Drone Service in the Restaurant

Dronecast Drone-Advertising
Ad agency like DroneCast and Hoover provide “drone-advertising” services. They use drones for dropping advertising items like shirts or gift cards, flying banners, or for delivering particular items throughout occasions such as auto programs, celebrations, concerts and numerous other themed events.

Drone Flying Around The City

Drones As Actors
Marketers the Drones as the main surprise element in video commercials. Amazon was among the first of the big brand names to use drones in commercials when they launched a 2013 video to produce buzz around their still-to-come Prime Air service. This service allows Amazon to deliver bundles “in Thirty Minutes or less using unmanned aerial lorries.”

The good boom of drones shot in commercials happened in 2014 and 2015. Coca-Cola used drones in 2014 in its Happiness from the Skies campaign, developed with Ogilvy & Mather Singapore and the nonprofit organization Singapore Generosity Motion. Drones were shot while providing Coke cans and enjoy messages to Singapore migrant workers required to live far from their households for long durations of time.

Pepsi Max took full advantage of drones in their advertisements.
From the Pepsi Max’s “What If” video and Pepsi Max’s viral #LiveForNow campaign, created shows for drones in the middle of Barcelona as referees in an interactive soccer arena.

Here is a magnificent example of Drone Advertisement from Pepsi

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