The Future of Drone Market in 2017

New Year is coming soon, and it has been a good droning year for all the enthusiasts and the drone industry. Insights have released a fascinating wrap-up of partnerships, financial investments, and acquisitions of 3 dominant players in the market (DJI, Intel, and Parrot) up to 2016.

The Skylogic Research study shares a few of the findings of the firm’s analyses from 2016 and reveals industry designs in this fantastic piece with the Drone Radio Program. The market will see improvements in self-governing systems, deep learning, movement range, flights over individuals, software application, airspace systems, drone connection on the 4/5G networks. The drone journalism, demand for ‘drones as a service’ companies, usage of drones for public safety and very first responders and legal disputes between regional and state policies will be on the improvement.

The 2016 Commercial Drone Market from the UAS International
UAS Vision released an interview with Peter Van Blyenburgh, President of UVS International, the biggest drone market association worldwide. Peter talks about the progress in the harmonization of European guidelines, regulations, and requirements, the state of the market, public understanding, comparisons with the United States market in addition to some forecasts for 2017.

Talking about public perception, a brand-new study from the Saint Leo University Polling Institute shows that in 2016 the public has grown more knowledgeable about drones and concern levels have dropped regarding the existence of drones in airspace and their usage for business and civil applications.

Latest look at CNN’s News Drone

Will 2017 be the year the Drone Boom?

The last talk about the transition to the brand-new year: Tero Heinonen, CEO of Sharper Forming Inc. assesses what happened in 2016– with a focus on drones in shipment– jumping to the conclusion that 2017 will be the year of the boom of adoption of business drones.

The big news of the week was Amazon’s delivery trial made to two genuine consumers near Cambridge, UK. The drones flew autonomously assisted by GPS and flew under 400 feet. Lots of hype around this trial! The video went viral, but there’s also some criticism from different quarters. Sally French (The Drone Woman), for example, is the viewpoint that the drone delivery market hasn’t achieved much in the near 2015, and slams the marketing buzz surrounding it.

Amazon drone delivery

Amazon also discussed in this thought-provoking and deep post by Bradley Garrett and Adam Fish of The Guardian, on who owns the air. They reveal the concept that if the drone access to the airspace is used to corporations such as Amazon, it should be provided to hospitals, proving ground, and journalists too. It’s a well written, believed provoking piece.
In the meantime, the French General Directorate for Civil Aviation (DGAC) has authorized DPDgroup, to work a regular business drone line in the Var department of France which is the Le Groupe La Poste’s worldwide express subsidiary. DPDgroup will deliver parcels as much as 3kg using drones on a regular 15km path once a week in the experimentation phase which follows two years of screening.

We surely can count to the Drone Market to expand next year 2017. Read more articles about the 2017 list of drone exhibition.

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