What are the Best Racing Drones?

The Drone Racing begun in Australia and rapidly gaining more and more popularity around the globe. Drone lovers and business are expected to give in to this brand-new sport. We reside in a new technological age which guarantees significant advancement for the on-growing drone racing community. Companies aim to develop items with better features and specifications. They compete for quality and cost, trying to earn their area as a leading brand in this brand-new market. A sudden wave of both low-priced and high-cost drones is hitting the marketplace as lovers collect around drone websites and forums awaiting the most recent drone racing products and updates.

The drones that are used for racing aren’t the typical drones we see being flown in parks. These are high-power racing makers that increase to 140 km per hour and have no stabilization systems and can not hover. They just travel at unbelievable speeds, are incredibly nimble, and the crashes are great to enjoy. Drone racing lovers can complete in 2 modules: FPV racing (real time video transmission through safety glasses or screen) and FreeStyle flying (acrobatic flights).

Sky-Hero Anakin
the anakin racing drone
Drone makers such as Walkera, Sky-Hero, and Team BlackSheep have currently designed excellent racing drones for this approaching year. More speed, more powerful frames, much better efficiency, and smooth, responsive flight. Companies intend to see their product winning events and stand out as the finest racing drone. Among the first drones to have prospered at this is the multi-award winning Sky-Hero Anakin, the most treasured racing drone to this day.

The Walkera Racing Drone

Walkera, another huge business in the market, as likewise recognized the capacity of drone racing. For that reason, already launched three terrific racing products in the market, Walkera Runner 250, Furious 320 and F210. Intended for racing newbies, making certain easy assembly and practical features and specs. Everyone can have a go at this brand-new sport without needing to invest thousands of dollars. Place on your FPV (Very first Individual View) Goggles, modify your racing drone, get your controller and be prepared for a 21st-century experience.

The Future of Drone Competitions

As the drone mania grows and enthusiasts’ excited to complete, the world offers the primary steps into expert drone racing. 2017 is the year of many drone racing competitions first edition. The pastime has grown into serious World Competition. Enthusiasts develop into professional drone racers, groups are formed, sponsor contracts are struck, and surprisingly fast drones pierce the sky. We are speaking about occasions such as the upcoming 2017 United States National Drone Racing Champion, which will decide USA’s First Drone Racing Champ. This National Competition awards $50.000 to the winner. Fortunately don’t stop here, for all the drone racing pilots and fans all over the world, there is now a Drone Racing World Champion! The Drone Racing League, a 5 stage competition in which groups of drone racers compete versus each other for the very best scores.

The Last world Competetion for Drones was held in Dubai with a total price of $1,000.000.00. Watch this for more information:

Have you ever flown a racing drone? Do you own a racing drone and are you lured to complete? Let us know in the remarks.

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